Registrations to the Expert Database Started


We are pleased to announce that we have signed a pioneering project in the transportation sector with the cooperation of Istanbul University Faculty of Transportation and Logistics and KPMG Turkiye. The Turkiye Logistics Confidence Index (LGE), which will be created by analyzing the expectations for the sector by experts, is a pioneering study in the creation of traceable data.

With LGE, we aim to reveal the conditions of the logistics sector in the short term for policy makers, international investors and relevant sector managers. In addition, it is among our goals to create data that can be monitored and followed in order to eliminate the need for early warning in economic contractions and to reveal national opportunities in enlargements. Expressing the sectoral trends in numbers in a predictable and summarizing framework will provide a unique added value to the transportation sector.

As a result of our study, the validity and reliability of the LGE in terms of sector participants and stakeholders for certain periods of the year have been accepted; An index that will be used to decide on investments and policies will be brought to the literature and the business world. To participate in our 10-question expectation survey, which we will share in the coming days and will not take much of your time, it will be sufficient to fill out the application form here. We aim to involve professionals who have at least five years of experience in the Transport and Logistics sector in our work.

To register to the Turkiye Logistics Confidence Index expert database, please fill out the form at