Turkiye Logistics Confidence Index

While the long-term high potential of the logistics sector, one of the locomotives of the Turkish economy, attracts the attention of foreign investors, expectations for the future of the sector are also increasing. Create a database that can be used in researchs related to the sector, expressing the sectoral trends in a predictable and summarizing framework numerically is gaining importance with each passing day.

Pioneering the logistics industry with its services, KPMG Turkiye and Istanbul University Faculty of Transport and Logistics, which is the pioneer of logistics education in Turkiye and the first faculty in the field of transport and logistics, is implementing a pioneering project in this field. Within the scope of the project prepared in cooperation with KPMG Turkiye and Istanbul University Faculty of Transport and Logistics, Turkiye Logistics Confidence Index (LGE) will be created with the contributions of experts in the field to measure the expectations of the logistics industry.

With the Turkiye Logistics Confidence Index (LGE), it is aimed to create an index that can be monitored for public policy makers, international investors and relevant sector managers to reveal the conditions of the logistics sector in the short and long term, to eliminate the need for early warning in economic contractions and to reveal national opportunities in expansions.

The index will be prepared for certain periods of the year. Thus, its validity and reliability have been accepted for sector participants and stakeholders; An index that will be used to decide on investments and policies will be brought to the literature and the business world. Data on the logistics field, which is considered at the forefront within the framework of development plans, will be collected and a data set that will be followed by the industry will be created and made available to all stakeholders.

LGE 2024Q2

Publish Date: 30.06.2024

Please follow the link to access the LGE 2024Q2 period index.

The index, which can take a value in the range of 0-200, is greater than 100, expressing the optimism of the sector for the current and future periods, while a value less than 100 indicates a pessimistic view.

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