İ.U. Faculty of Transportation and Logistics

İ.Ü. Ulaştırma ve Lojistik Fakültesi

İ.U. Faculty of Transportation and Logistics

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Istanbul University was established in 1453 during Ottoman Empire times. It is among the oldest universities in Europe. Our university was the only higher education institution when the Turkish Republic was founded in 1923. Since many academics graduated from our university and achieved many leading publications, Istanbul University has always played a crucial role in Turkiye.

Istanbul University is consistently ranked as one of Turkiye’s leading universities and earlier was ranked first among 114 universities, with academic strengths, entrance, teaching, and research standards in several times It has 20 faculties, 3 schools, and 6 vocational higher schools which are located in 12 different campuses. There are 65.000 undergraduate and 14.500 graduate students.

Today, many enterprises have gone beyond borders and become multinational as a result of intense competition. Down from 1999, Türkiye has been enlarging its logistics sector and has been cooperation with over 40 countries. As it is known, European Union standards raised its standards for the qualified human resources in the logistics sector. Since the EU emerges as a driving force for developing countries, day by day logistics education increased its popularity in Türkiye.

Faculty of Transportation and Logistics (FTL) was established in 1999 in order to train specialists who are going to take roles in shaping the logistics industry in terms of national and international relations. Since its foundation, 571 students have been graduated from Turkiye’s first logistics school, FTL. FTL consistently leads the Turkish logistics industry by its efforts to educate the required human resources and contribute to transportation and logistics policies as a reputable educational institution.