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Istanbul University, one of the oldest and most respected universities globally, continues its academic and scientific research activities and social contributions with more than 500 thousand students, including Open and Distance Education Faculty students, and over 10 thousand academic and administrative staff. Istanbul University, which continues to achieve significant success in the world university rankings both in general and on a field basis, maintains its being the only Turkish university in the top 500 in the ARWU world rankings according to the "World Rankings Report According to Our Universities" prepared by URAP. When evaluated on a field basis, it achieved an essential performance among the top 500 universities by ranking in the 100-150 band in the field of Dentistry and Oral Sciences and the 401-500 band in Biological Sciences, Clinical Medicine, and Public Health. When looking at the rankings of other reputable ranking organizations (QS, THE, URAP, CWTS, NTU, RUR, US-NEWS) in the world, it is in a very successful position both on a general and field basis.

Since its foundation, İstanbul University contributes to Turkiye's economic, political, legal, and cultural development and produces national and international scientific works and projects. It is not indifferent to social responsibility activities that the society needs and provides added value. It raises the future generations thanks to its entrepreneurial and innovative structure, and now it is one of the 11 Research Universities in Turkiye . Being aware of the responsibility imposed by this identity, Istanbul University continues to work without compromising its vision and focus on quality.

"İstanbul University; We have a word to say to the world."

We are proud of being part of İstanbul University, with our graduates who represent our university in the best way by working in institutions and organizations worldwide and in our country. The best proof of what precious students of İstanbul University can do is that the two intellectuals from Turkiye who have won the Nobel Prize are graduates of Istanbul University. We once again experienced the pride of winning the Nobel Prize that we had thanks to Orhan Pamuk, an alumnus of the Faculty of Communication, with Prof. Dr. Aziz Sancar, an alumnus of Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine and who won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2015.

Based on the parameter of "internationalization of higher education", we develop international projects in education and research. We exchange students, academicians, and administrative staff through Erasmus and Mevlana exchange programs. We sign bilateral agreements with many respected universities around the world. We currently have 705 international agreements in this regard. Again, within the framework of our internationalization policy, we are hosting 8600 international students from 154 countries, from Bangladesh to Thailand, from Madagascar to Cambodia.

We will train the students who prefer to study in our university with the scientific, contemporary, and modern education understanding of Istanbul University.